Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some things i like....

Things I Like in my Mate! oooh so the things that are in white..ive found them in someone...lets shoot for all 25!...or am i asking for tooo much??!!

1. loves my son
2. is spiritual
3. we make great love! meaning ummm great cunnilingus!
4. is kinda romantic but not too mushy! ewww sometimes i hate all that mushy stuff...
5. is clean and organized...but doesnt complain about me being messy..
6. takes me around the friends (sometimes and only the ones i like haahaha!)
7. loves the arts
8. cooks for me
9. open minded...because i can be a freak sometimes lol
10. loves family
11. compassionate yet courageous
12. has great hygiene
13. loves great music!
14. Intelligent...a super smart...geeeekkk! i love geeks!
15. Loves my family...can i really ask that from someone! hahaha...my people are craaazzzy!!!
16. Respects me
17. Strong minded
18. Hardworking but not a work-aholic
19. funny alittle on the goofy side...because i am...
20. Freaky
21. Stable cause i need someone to live with if i get evicted lol
22. Great sex...
23. loves me for the person i am...with all my faults...still loves me...
24. Freaky
25. oh yeah okay...freaky!