Wednesday, September 08, 2004

my HOOOMMMEEE commmppuuutter

see i have this home computer problem...I FORGOT MY PASSWORD!!!! I CANT STAND IT...i cant access MYYYY i have to do other things when i get do laundry lol...wash a good mommie know play with kpp and crawl around on the floor til he gets tired of know mommie/domestic stuff...unless i go to the park or hang with friends...well today...i have nothing to do...and a closet full of mine and kpps huummmm?? what should i do lol...i think ill do the laundry and work on his scrapbook at the same time...maybe he will allow me to do that....if least we'll have clean clothes tomorrow :)

well another day without my luuvely luuvely computer...i cant stand it...