Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i got a new apartment!!

im really geeked about getting this new place...


but man im sooo happy...here are some of the pictures...check them out...

bathroom...didnt get a really good picture of this...but i see lots of potential! :)very nice and airy..i see it being yellow with touches of nice silver accents :)

dinning room....cant really tell from the picture...but this is a very nice sized dinning room...i can see a bigger table going in it...so now what will i do with my table i raved about?? who knows! lol

this is the old maintenance man George...man! i see sooo much i will do with this area...put some nice flowers here...and there..and two huge pictures....really cute!

some little shelves..really cute...i see alot of my vases and "pretty things" going on these shelves!! :)

the kitchen was still in a slight mess..but i see its potential as well..im happy about it...i see my little herbs in the windowseal...just really cute...some little grass growing...going to be reallly cute!!

i thought his room was a little bigger..but oh well...i guess the first time we went i was soo overwhelemed i didnt measure out the space properly lol

nice large living area...really nice....my couch WONT be the focal point of my living space..man i cant wait to get some nice colorful pictures..man its going to be soo pretty...

the small study..yeees you heard right...a quiet little study...nice large windows...and i can see myself reading or doing this (typing on my blog) looking out the window!! to a very very cute window box full of little flowers!! man i cant wait to move in!!!

this is my room...alittle bigger than i thought it was...which makes me happy :) and you may or not be able to see..the cedar closet...so that makes two nice sized closets in my room :)...lol im trying not to think of anything to do to my room yet...because i will start buying all kinds of stuff...so im going to wait til i finish kpps rooms to start on mine...

okay im done raving about this place...now to the packing...ill start alittle tonight...and then start pulling things out of the closet...and surveying all the things i have and the things i dont...start on yet another list..and just daydream about my new place :) i cant waaaiiitt!!!

THANK YOU GOD..ive prayed about something new coming in my life..and ive been really patient and im happy you saw fit to make this apartment the new little thing :)...thank you
Sunday, June 11, 2006

the new background??

do you like it??
Monday, May 01, 2006

my son and his spray bottle :)