Saturday, June 11, 2005

off the domb

this is off the domb baby....

thinkin of you and our whole situation
livin miles away but somehow I stay patient mind frame is consentrated on the future...of you and I
building a dam to stop these rivers of pain running through our lives
some times I get so frustrated
thinkin how close we was to ending this and we barely made it
but what would my life be without you?
or what would this relationship be without truth?
it'd be a wreck
and I reck-on
I'd have no solid ground to step on
how hard it would be to take a breath and then just try and press on
i know i'd be worse without you
"its really all about you"
its a quote but its all true
if i were in destress id call you
cause youre the one, black woman..china eyes
and wide thighs
when we gradually meet on an opinion and you comply
the only women that i ever loved in my life
sexy blush when i say that
displacement of trust between us? you dont play that
ill take you way back
when we first beginn as seeds above land in the open
we open up the land
and then began
dos amigos