Saturday, July 16, 2005

the irony which is my life lol

i have this feeling in my first i thought it was pms...but after talking to a friend lol i now know otherwise lol...

so im reading my email today..and im a member of this poets site...well these are the two poems...i thought it was intresting that i would get them today lol...

Could We Capture What Was
by Hope

I am still at the same place
Again wishing upon a star
Hoping dreams come true
As I pondered where you are

Gazing as bright stars glow
Each one sparkling above
The same wishes I repeat
Whispered with words of love

Within every wish I whisper
Its your touch I still yearn
I am so lonely without you
Would my dream ever return

Every loving wish I conveyed
As the stars shone around
I'm wishing with all my heart
A love I lost can still be found

Hoping my wishes will travel
Where loving flames ignite
Could we capture what was
In reaching my dream tonight

With Love From Cincinnati
by Loving Erea

I sit here watching the sun’s demise
Into the western sky
Missing your sweet blue loving eyes
As the afternoon goes by

Though only hours away from you
My heart is still in pain
Your love and tenderness, I miss
As I strive for monetary gain

Only months ago I would have been
Happy to be away
Until you found me and took me on
To love another day

The full moon rises, I stop to stare
Such a pretty sight
But not as beautiful my wonderful dear
Were you with me tonight

I miss you as if I would never know
Your loving arms again
Yet comfort lies deep in my soul
You are there within
I have never met a soul mate before
And never will again
I love you my sweet, more
Than anyone has ever been before

FUNNY HUH?!!!! LOL...the irony which is my life lol....GOOD NIGHT!!! ;)

yes im going to bed this early..i have noooo life lol...