Tuesday, November 30, 2004

man i have sooo much to say today

i think im getting back into this blog thing....i really like it...i just kinda found myself not blogging becuase i was doing other things...well...november has come and gone..im now 28!! lol..my bday was the 7th of nov....right now i am in the process of reevaluating and restructuring my life and goals..i had taken myself off my high priority list, thus the depression...i think when i do that i loose myself..BUT I HAVE PUT MYSELF BACK ON IT!!..and i must say it feels good...i looked in the mirror this morning at my face...wondering wow...everyone says i look so young..but man i dont look anything like i did last year...i look more mature i think...more adult...resently, i have just been growing and developing just as my son grows up...i have seen my self evolve and revolve into a better woman because of it...its crazy ...it is kind of funny....everytime i go into a period of deep thought and introspection, i have a jones to create...usually trying to cook some meal or something...its crazy..the more i think the more i want to cook...lol thats probably why i cant loose that kpp weight lol!!! awwwwwhhhh!!!