Thursday, December 22, 2005

i cant take this shit anymore!

wtf? MAN WHYYY??!!!....I CONTINUE TO SEE SHIT LIKE THIS WTF??!!! MAN K. COLE...WHY ARE YOU POSING WITH THIS LAME? you aint that cute..but damn this fool makes you look hooooott!!!! or equally as lame! lol which is it?...then this person has the nerve to be throwing up the westside? give me a damn break! ahahahahahahaha!!

I threw up in my mouth alittle bit! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww....damn!!!!! i just looked at that picture again!

why do people continue to be over ignorant lol with their style...the acrylic fingernails but just on two fingers? keep your damn hands in your pockets fool!! give me a damn break man!! hahahaha WTF is this? a man or a woman??!!! ....

oh my hostility is shining through today..i was going to try and control it.until i saw this damn picture!!!

DAMN! my people gotta do sooo much better than this shit lol...oh my goodness!! the fingernails?? whyy?? JUST FUGLY....(FOR YOU FOLKS THAT DONT KNOW..THAT MEANS FUCKING UGLY!)...

or should i say H.A.M. (hot ass mess!)...YEAH LETS JUST SAY...

these are some pictures from that biggie release party from the other night...damn all these folks there..and MTA is acting a damn fool? how they get there? walk? hahah wtf? people will do anything for some hot music and some drink and smoke!

i donno but damn can someone say exploiting?? first it was puffy...we all kinda expected that fool to be out for the papa...but now this nicca big's momma? lol damn...i hope when i die and my moms is still that she can somehow exploit me to get that money...maybe that folder on my computer labeled private will do it for her hahaha lol

yeah check these pics out from the party... click if you want them bigger..

this nicca benzino lol?! why are you there! fat need to be home collecting money to give to big puns wife...babs? ummm where you at? can i hear a cd? i thought her and other dude from making of the band was gonna be like "bonnie and clyde" (puffs words not mine!) lol...

i wasnt going to say shit about big's momma but damn...i cant even stand to look at her anymore...but i guess if kpp was a famous rapper and i knew everyone loved him i would do it! NOOOOOT! be serious!

gimmie da loot! gimme da loot! hahahaha! damn i miss biggie


*Tanyetta* said...

you are cracking me up. i have no idea how i came across your page and now i have to read your entire blog. you are tooo funny. oooh "i just threw up in my mouth." LOL you are crazy!!!!!!!!!!