Monday, December 12, 2005

what would you do?

What do say? When an e-mail is sent to you by the only woman that you have EVER love for almost 10 years.

I'm giving you 5 months to straight whatever it is that you gots to get straight. Then I'm moving there and we getting married and having a baby I don't need you to agree or disagree. Because we been playing this game to long and you love me and I love you.

Now to the Fellas:
What do you do if you get this from the female that youve always loved?
Do you respond to this email?
Do you respond to the woman that you have talked to almost everyday for 10 years or do you just ignore the e-mail completely?

And Ladies:
Is this something that you would ever send to the man that you've loved almost 10 years?

This is really an important question that I need an answer to. So leave your comment or instant message me, if you the shy type.


Anonymous said...

Just follow your gut laddy. Your inner voice will never lie. If there is love you will see. Email back. There's nothing to lose.