Friday, April 22, 2005


okay i asked "END" a question....

me: should you be jealous if you see an ex's new friend? whats wrong with you?
end: you are probably still in love with them.
me: really?
end: yes!
me: man because whenever i see something about them i get jealous or mad.
end: because you still love it like "if you arent with me you cant be with anyone?"

me: i crazy...

so okay. yes im alittle jealous!...but am i still in love? NO...damn i dont know...i cant even say if i am or not....its crazy...i want to get over this...i want to forget about it all...but man seems like it haunts me somedays...especially when i think about it...or even see a glimps of the past...ooooh i cant stand that lol...

so minxx?? am i jealous?? or just uuummm? jealous??

i donno...i need to get over it all!!!!