Monday, March 07, 2005

jill scott!

so i want to see jill scott in concert...but the person i asked cant go...and i dont want to just go with anyone to see jill scott!!!! ummmm...i dont have a date.....sooo......should i go alone? 2 hour drive to indy...or a 4 hour drive to cleveland or detroit! ihavent been to either of those places in a long time...if i go to cleveland or indy i have family and friends i could visit..if i go to detroit i could visit the best friend.....but damn do i really want to see her that bad to go alone? it worth it?....or do i stay my black ass at home and listen to her on my cd! lol....

oh well...ill choose i have some time...

ive never had trouble doing things alone..but man to a concert? thats alittle overdoing it right! shit ive never had trouble finding a date if i really wanted my my how shit can change on a sista!!!!! ( sorry for the bad language! )lol

i cant find a date these days because i havent slept with anyone in a to them im like a virgin or something! they are always thinking about having sex...and im not! well i am but i dont want to waste this "new virginity" ( as a friend called it) on someone who is non-worthy...(only if i wouldve done this in the beginning with the god given virginity! ) lol

oh well who knows..ill figure something out! or ill listen to her cd at home!

i hate people!


Anonymous said...

i thought i was going