Friday, March 11, 2005

they gave us free!! now what?

so tuesday was my last boss called...and now that i know its my last kinda scared...and hella bored!!! i slept alll damn day today!!!

this suuucks lol...what do people with no job do all day?? im tired of spending what?? eat my self to death lol....spend money...(didnt i just say im sick of spending my money!! damn!!) ive been to the mall more than twice this thats pathetic...tuesday went on a extravaganza! lol stuff...then bought those new balance ive been wanting...damn lol....!!! hahaha...then wednesday...chilled...til...that damn dentist didnt pull my i was pissed with time to waste til i had to go get i spent almost 200 bucks at that damn store!!! but wow i have alot of niiice stuff...clothes!!...then chilled today...but still managed to spend money! ONLINE!!

i should be cleaning and doing laundry but who the hell does that silly...okay im going to bed..night :)


Starfighter Girl said...

What people do when they don't have a job is kiss the asses of the people they live with and slave for them while secretly plotting to kill them. . . no wait, that's what I do, sorry.