Saturday, April 30, 2005

can she be my new best friend?

well seems like maybe an 20 minutes after i posted last night "e" called me..

wtf??!! so i tell her what happened...and her reply was...

e: "im coming over!"
me: no im cool
e: noooo im coming over.
me: no im cool!
e: im getting in the car!
me: damnit im cleaning up!...dont come...i sooo dont feel like being mean to you!

15 minutes later
e: *knock knock*
me: (please god dont let this be "end" im sooo NOT IN THE MOOD!... so i text..."u?"...."end" texts me back "me what?")...okay so its not "end"
e: screaming from the hall! let me in!
me: nooooo lol im fine...(i go let her in)
e: 10 kisses...
me: 10 kisses...
we laugh as usual lol
e: i love you
me: i love you too
e: you know ill kill a bitch about you.
me: yeah.
e: tell mama what happened!
me:(tears start to flow...outta no where!!! know when you are in the company of someone you love who didnt do "it" you i cried!)

hahahahaahaha i hate her!!!! why is she here we talked for about 2 hours!...about everything thats going on with "end" and not going on with "end"...about my slight hysteria with kpps appointment today...all that talking lol i ended up falling asleep...and was awakened by her talking to me...i think she thought i was awake lol...but of course i can go to sleep at the drop of a we continue to about everything...she is my "eric" but just in a woman's body lol...damn you!!..

we said if he werent married by 40 we would move to hawaii! and be fat beach babes together lololol...i believe she would really want me to do that lol...

i looooove her! i mean i really love her!... she is always there for me exactly when i need her...she is one of those people i have to give space...she is a "butterfly" so i cant be too clingy...but it seems like she knows when im hurting and comes running...i loooove her!!! this is my ode to you! can you be my new best friend?

well anywho...i went to kpps appointment today......and when we get there "e" is sitting right in the waiting area...i was happy to see a smiling face...she asked soo many questions last night i guess to get all the she is sneaky like that...i was happy because dad couldnt go and i knew i would be alittle razzled if they said something i wasnt ready to hear....

insert---last night dad tells me he wouldnt be able to go to the appointment with us today...its soo crazy...tears started to wasnt like a cry...but tears fell...i was really disappointment but i know he is really trying to get another job..but i donno...i just wanted...needed him to be there with me...for our son...i hate going through things concerning him alone...but man it was sooo weird...i wiped the tears away...and like that! they were gone...and i told dad it was okay..and i truly meant it was okay..usually i say it but dont really mean it...but man last night i im growing lol...hahaha-----end insert

well she was sitting right there smiling..."ms sneaky"....i filled out all the necessary paper work...and we had the appointment..had lunch well brunch and came back to my place to watch the movie we picked up...(from the library of day i will have to blog about how much culture im getting from the library!)....and chilled....she left..kpp and i took a nap...and here i am lol...

my place is room is now Feng shui'd everything is organized..and i feel good...thank you....


Starfighter Girl said...

Is everything okay with the baby???? - cuz