Thursday, April 28, 2005

god's irony...

i was chatting online with my son's father tonight...telling him about one of the "great new things" my son did tonight...

well my son has a thing with knocking on doors...all you have to say is "who is it?!" and he will find a door to knock on...well tonight as i was getting him dressed for bed...i said "who is it?!" i was getting him dressed all he had was he "knocked" on his leg...found that it made a i said "who is it?" again..he knocks on "himself" lol...its was sooooo hilariously funny (you probably had to be there) but i had to share it with "dad" of course...he thought it was funny know its our everything he does is either GREAT or FUNNY! LOL...

well while we were having the says....well this was the convo...

Luuvely: i was playing with kpp and i said "who is it?"
Luuvely: and he didnt have anything to knock on he knocked on his leg lol
Luuvely: hahahahaha he is soooo hilarious
dad: lol
dad: hes so happy
Luuvely: so then i kept saying who is it...and he started tapping on my leg
Luuvely: yeah he is lol
dad: thats such a great thing
dad: who would have thought wed have a happy child
(being that both of us are soo emotional!....i show keeps his bottled up...but we are both emotional)
Luuvely: hahahaa right lol
Luuvely: i think its god's irony
dad: right
Luuvely: he has showed me that life isnt so unhappy
dad: i know
dad: me too
Luuvely: i mean seriously since kpp came along ive tried living a simple life...not soo many emotions
dad: i just love him
Luuvely: yeah he is soooooooooooooooooooooo great! lol
dad: i know

man..i love my son soo freaking much!!! he is the greatest thing to me....but man he has taught me how to live...not be soo freaking emotional...yeah im still emotional but not as much as i used to be...he has taught me to be to be to just love me...and the life GOD has given me...

like my friend said today..."this is the my life...the one ive been given..."

and ive been living mine like that...this life that GOD has given me hasnt been what i expected years ago...but man when i think about it...i think its been better....i have kpp out of it all....out of all the ups and downs and drama came...THE GREAT KPP!!!

a new pic for you guys...he was eating dinner so he was happy...(with a dirty face lol)