Friday, February 11, 2005

feeling good feeling great! aahhhhh!!!

i wrote this to a good friend of mine...she is sooo wonderful...we have been friends for a while now..and its always good to hear from her...well we havent talked in a couple of months because she has been going through some know the kinda things no one can really help just kinda have to do it ive been giving her the space she needs but at the same time letting her know im here whenever she needs me...well she called me and we talked for a while...but you know i love the we were chatting via email...and this is some of the email i wrote to her....well to preface this...we were talking about how good we feel about us now...just about how wonderful life is...with or without a mate...yeah sometimes it gets hard and we get wery....but we dont let the sadness of being "with ourselves" get us down lol....ok the email

"...........its soo crazy just how i feel soo good about me like forget all the
other stuff..well not forget just let it go...and just love yourself...i say
it all the time...i used to look in the mirror after having kpp and say
daaamn lol you look horrible....but now...i just looove back to just
thinking im the greatest since sliced bread lol...and its crazy how other
people see it...i mean just like "wow you look good today"...or "wow you are
such a great person" you know how i looove for people to stroke my
ego lol...its great lol...but even men and WOMEN just walk up to
me...not like thats the best thing! but they just walk up and ask.."whats you
name" "you single" hahaha...its hilarious...but this one guy told me the
other walking in the mall with the cute little heels know the ones his oh so wonderful deep
voice..."dam feeling good today and it looks good on
you?!"...and i just smiled this huuuuge smile...and stopped for a moment and said..."thank you" he
handed me his know the routine..."give me a call sometimes" and i just put it in my pocket..nonchalantly and kept going...didnt even
look back like i would normally do lol to see if he was watching me..i just kept felt really good to just feel good and someone else notice

yeah and after a couple more emails she and i decided that we would go out together on friday soo excited to see her again...oooh i love her...she is soo special to me...and of course i have to wear something super cute...cause i cant have her little cute butt outlooking me lol..