Monday, December 20, 2004

The "e" been on the internet non-stop over the weekend...i've spent entirely too much time on the internet..point blank period....its alot of things that are causing me to browse (boredom..longing for alittle excitment...looking oooh looking for something that will make my day? a bargain...a conversation...something...)and man now today im at work...with nothing to do...searching..browsing...oooh just looking...

and man...i think i just can't help myself. its like its beckoning me to come explore. The glow of the shiny, effervescent letter "e" is deliciously inviting. My hands reach for the mouse that's ever so eager to take a bite into the depths of the bluest of blues. For I know, this is "off limits," says the man (the IT MAN). But oh, what's a girl to do?

How does someone like me...a curious soul, a researcher, a writer, a creative explorer...NO NO ebay junkie...cut themselves off from such a myriad of information, knowledge and creative expression? it all waits patiently in html to be read and devoured by myself and others from around the globe.

it isn't fair. it's just not fair i tell you!

who will save me from this slavery to the "net"? who will loose me from the chains that hold me solely to the website of the "eb@y!!" who will hear my anguish? maybe the man will. his form of deliverance? maybe a lashing, a move, a firing! ooh i cant think this way lol!

maybe the "Real Man" will deliver me from this atrocity and place me in true freedom. Maybe my liberty lies in my own initiative. if i were putting my all into what i was supposed to do, i wouldn't have to worry about the chains of someone else's rule. the choking constraints of another man's vision. man this damn "e"....

thank you "e", for showing me the possibilites.

lol yes im a nutcase...but man this little "e" has been my source of enjoyment for a long time now....with nothing to do at home...with nothing to do at work...and no one to do "nothing" with..except for the little sweet boy..who drips all over me lol...and talks this language i cant understand....who eats everything off the floor that he can find....this little "e" has been my little with that said....damn i need some loving!!! lol rooooffllll!!!