Thursday, January 20, 2005


my little solider has been ill so i havent been on the blog lately...but he is on the mend and sleeping right i thought i would take alittle time for me...before i go and crash with him...

i have alittle something to girlfriend loooves to send me spam!!! well today was good spam lol...she is in some group and they sent it to the members...blah blah blah...well i got it..and im loving it...BUT STOP SENDING ME SPAM MS LADY!!!!!!!

oh yeah back to the spam it is.....50 things you can do to show your bbw you love her...the title said i think...but i think these are things you can do for any woman...especially ME!!!

i know if i had someone who did half the things on the list i would be happy lol...oh well...ill bold the ones i think are the most special...

1. Brother love yourself first.
you really must do ive been with folks who didnt think they were worthy of it was hard to get through to them that i would be there for them through the thick and the was hard for them to trust me because they never trusted fellas..if you love yourself first...damn love could be a beautiful thing...
2. Start each day by hugging her.
3. Serve her breakfast in bed.
4. Say, "I love you" every time you part ways with her.
yeah say you love just does something to me..makes me have a better day or something...i love it..
5. Compliment her freely and often.
6. Appreciate - and celebrate - her differences.
let me know that my emotional side isnt bad...let me know that you cherish it...let me know that im not some bad person for emotional about alot of things in my life..and when i love...i get very not one of those unemotional dry that gets me slapped in the face alot...but back to the 50 lol...
7. Live each day as if it's your last with her.
8. Write her unexpected love letters.
9. Plant a seed with her and nurture it to maturity.
this could mean alot of different things..but man if you do something with me...create an idea with with me....teach me something new...and sit with me while it grows...while i learn it...damn thats a beautiful thing...i love to learn and show someone just how much i know...its like a big kid...i love to show off the new things i know...especially to the man i love...its great...
10. Go on a date once every two weeks with her.
11. Send her flowers for no reason.
12. Accept and love her family and friends.
13. Make little signs that say "I love you" and post-them all over the house for her.
14. Stop and smell the roses with her.
15. Kiss her unexpectedly.
this one will send chills down my spin...literally..make me get crazy in a milisecond...thats a great thing...just a soft kiss on the lips or on a shoulder..or on the forehead when im sleeping...ooooh makes me wanna cant say the baby is watching lol
16. Seek out beautiful sunsets with her.
17. Apologize to her sincerely.
18. Be forgiving with her.
let me know that you love me eventhough i did something you didnt like...never shut me out...because man i always got your back...
19. Remember the day you fell in love - and recreate it.
20. Hold her hands.
21. Say you love her with your eyes.
22. Let her cry in your arms.
im a big cry baby lol
23. Tell her you understand.
24. Drink toasts of love and commitment to her.
25. Do something arousing with her.
26. Let her give you directions when you're lost.
27. Laugh at her jokes.
28. Appreciate her inner beauty.
29. Do her chores for a day.
30. Encourage her wonderful dreams.
31. Commit a public display of affection with her.
32. Give loving massages to her with no strings attached.
33. Start a love journal for her and record your special moments.
34. Calm her fears.
35. Walk barefoot on the beach with her.
36. Ask her to marry you again.
37. Say yes to her.
38. Respect her.
39. Be her biggest fan.
40. Give the love she wants to receive.
41. Give the love you want to receive.

damn this one is one of the best on the a great lover...and ill let you know that its wonderful by showing you how great i can be...
42. Show interest in her work.
43. Work on her project together.
44. Build a fort with blankets with her.
better a great book in bed with me...oooh thats sooo special...and who knows you may get lucky lol...
45. Swing as high as you can on a swing set by moonlight with her.
46. Have a picnic indoors on a rainy day with her.
47. Never go to bed mad at her.
this is another one that shouldve been high on the list...this is soo great...i can only say ive done this with one man..and i think it was because he truely loved me...with no matter what happened throughout the day...some how our feet found each other in bed..once the feet found each other...then came hands and hugs..and it was back to loving i miss those days...
48. Put her first in your prayers.
49. Kiss her goodnight.
50. Sleep like spoons with her.

oooh this will get the heat going in like uummm 5 seconds...just to feel the arms of the man i love around me...bodys close...awww man...its a wonderful feeling i must say...

awww this list almost made me cry...i miss love...and loving someone with all you have...i really miss afraid these days...but im open to love...a four letter word..that means sooo much...