Sunday, January 16, 2005

a great saturday!

detroit car show!
man i love cars!!! new ones old doesnt matter...they are all great!!!
i love to just look at them lol...i think it was my father growning up...he had a old school car that i was soo in love with...he hardly let me ride in it or even touch i think thats were the fetish and fantasies come from lol...

but other than my son and the car show...there isnt much else to talk two favorite son and cars lol...oh yeah and how the steelers played tonight!

oh yeah i do have something else to talk about....i made two profiles on two different sites last know those want ads...the online dating hoping to at least to make some friends...if not have some easy conversation...

i was talking to a friend last night...and she said that she would have to date at least 10 people to find the right reply was....DAMN! i cant even find 5 people....hahaaaha lol

so well...i put my profile up...lets see who will respond lol...she made me do it!! but maybe...just may be a good idea....

awww im soo in love with my son!! lol! lol he is soo handsome!

and damn today everyone kept saying he looks like me...and man i see it now...he does...i think he looks more like my brother...but wow...there is alittle me out here!! lol

but these are the pics we just took lol we had a long day...but i could NOT take the pics we were dressed alike! soo glad to be out of that damn car!!